Current Use Information

Current Use: RSA 79-A

The current use program was enacted by the State of New Hampshire on July 1, 1973 and was designed to preserve open space by assessing land at its actual current use and not at its highest and best use - typically as developed land.  Land is valued not as building lots but as farm land, forest land either mixed, pine, or hardwood, and unproductive land (land that cannot produce a farm or forest crop).

The requirement for land to be eligible to be place in current use are:

  • It must be ten (10) acres in size.

There are two (2) exceptions to the ten (10) acre requirement:

  • Land which is less than 10 acres in the farmland category that generates at least $2,500 per year. Annually receipts must be submitted to the Assessing Department.
  • Unimproved wetlands of any size, an example of this is a pond.

For information from the State of New Hampshire on Current Use land, you can select this link to be redirected to their website

Additional information can also be found courtesy of the Assessing Department's webpage.