Highway Safety Commission


  • Police Department - Lt. Chris Noyes
  • Public Works - Wes Anderson
  • Fire - Lt. Chad Vaillancourt
  • Planning - Dean Trefethen
  • Hospital - Councilor Henry Lipman
  • Board of Education: Malcolm Murray
  • Public Member: Kimon Koulet
  • Public Member: David Stamps

Members are appointed to the Commission by the City Council. Terms are for 3 years and expire at the end of March.

About the Commission

The Highway Safety Commission has the authority, subject to subsequent confirmation by the City Council, to establish rules and regulations governing the use of public streets, highways, parking lots and parking on any other City owned property. The Commission is comprised of representatives of the following City Departments: Police, Planning, Public Works, and Fire. There is also a member of the Commission representing the hospital and the School Board, and two members representing the general public.