Cross Connection Control Program

Cross connections between water supplies and nonpotable sources of contamination represent one of the most significant threats to health in the water supply industry.

About the Program

Water Pipe Example
This program is designed to maintain the safety and potability of the water in the Laconia water system by establishing rules and procedures to control cross connection situations and to prevent the contamination of public drinking waters by the backflow of water or other liquids, gasses, mixtures or substances into the distributions system from a source or sources other than its intended source.

The program is mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the N.H. Department of Environmental Services. There are presently 850 backflow devices in the LWW system and about 95 percent of these are located in commercial or industrial properties. The backflow device is owned and maintained by the property owner and the testing is performed by our certified backflow testers.